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Access to unlimited data on-the-go is fast becoming a necessity to operate successfully in today’s world. Offering FREE WiFi with Teltik on-the-go can improve ratings and tips for Uber and Lyft drivers.

86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, over price point and product. And Uber/Lyft customers are demanding free WiFi. Here’s how you make that happen & cash in better ratings and tips.

Uber and Lyft drivers, cash in with better ratings and tips by offering free WiFi to your customers. Yes, FREE. And that doesn’t come out of your tips, either.

How Offering Free WiFi Can Improve Uber/Lyft Ratings and Tips

One of the most common questions coming from ridesharers these days is: Do you have WiFi?

Ridesharers are voice searching: “Does Uber have WiFi? What about Lyft?” In-car WiFi is in demand, but drivers worry that granting the request will add to their costs.

However, offering free WiFi on-the-go can improve ratings and tips for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Common Assumptions About Sharing WiFi With Ridesharers

Drivers try to boost customer experience and increase their ratings and tips by offering water bottles and other convenience items in their vehicles. Ridesharers typically understand that these are extras.

But with WiFi, many customers assume that access is free. Just like dropping into a coffee shop, WiFi is assumed to come with the purchase of a cup of Joe.

Others don’t flinch. Customers want extra value — they pay. One driver claims he charges a $20 WiFi access fee. A $20 ride just turned into a $40 ride, which isn’t fair to the varying income bases of ridesharers.

Why can’t ridesharers just access a driver’s hotspot? If every ridesharer did that, your cell phone plan bill would skyrocket. If you had the extra ten bucks a day for each GB used, you’d be traveling the world right now.

WiFi may be free for customers, but drivers believe it will be costly for them — on top of having to count their mileage and supplying those convenience items.

How Uber and Lyft Drivers Can Offer Free WiFi

Many drivers don’t have GPS systems built into the car. So, they prefer to use their tablet or their smartphone. Imagine this: What if the device you use for navigation had an unlimited data plan — free data that didn’t slow down after some annoying cap?

Your data is portable. Your bill is predicable. Use tethering to your heart’s content. And it just became possible for you to offer free WiFi to your customers and increase your ratings and tips, without signing away your life savings.

Since you’re using your vehicle for business purposes with Uber or Lyft, take advantage of savings with business cell phone plans customized to your needs.

On-The-Go Needs Addressed With Free WiFi In-Car

Driving your out-of-town customer to their Airbnb? Bring your neighborhood restaurant, bar, coffee and museum recommendations to life with a quick search on your free WiFi together.

Got a busy mom or dad in your car trying to multitask and having trouble connecting? Your free WiFi enables them to connect with ease and make that dentist appointment or order groceries.

Transporting a college student home for the holidays? Families can stay in touch easily and confirm their whereabouts with your free in-car WiFi.

Also, business and creative workers can download important files without eating up your data and money. Friends can share their statuses on-the-go.

Connectivity is an essential part of the everyday. If you can “hail” a car with the touch of a finger, why can’t you stay connected while stepping into that car? Customers expect these things since we are living in the Technological Age, an age thriving with inventions and innovation.

Actually, Uber toyed with the idea of implementing in-car WiFi in the past — but only for a limited time, in a limited area and in a limited partnership. However, only customers who selected VIP rides or the like could access it.

Free In-Car WiFi Boosts Customer Experience, Ratings and Tips

Get inventive and hack in-car WiFi, innovatively gifting your customers connectivity for free. Digital Marketing Trends found that 86% of customers are willing to spend more for a great customer experience. Customers will base their loyalty around customer experience firstly, followed by price point and product, by 2020.

Above all, a great customer experience positions drivers at an advantage for building a loyal client base that tips well and frequently, while improving everyday ratings.

For life’s little needs, big or small, access to unlimited data on-the-go is fast becoming a necessity to operate successfully in today’s world. That fact is true for both ridesharers and drivers. Without a doubt, the world is a more convenient and happier place for both when drivers invest in a business cell phone plan with unlimited data.

Drivers should take advantage of business cell phone plans and business tablet plans, as portions of the bills can be claimed on taxes. Check with your accounting service. Business cell phone plans also account for your business’ data needs.

Teltik’s business cell phone plans can give you access to a growing and reliable network on a truly unlimited data plan, for an affordable price. Mobilize your business, keep your customers connected and improve your ratings and tips by offering free in-car WiFi.