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Times are a-changing. Gone are the flip phone days, along with working the nine-to-five grind from cradle to grave. Nowadays, it’s more common to seek out multiple streams of income from various sources, working on your own time.

Consider the proliferation of gig and freelance work, such as through apps like Uber, Lyft or Fiverr.

Traditional work is undergoing a massive shift toward independent contracting, part-time work, freelancing and solopreneurship. Data recently gathered from the Gig Economy Index reveals that almost 40% of American workers produce 40% of their income through independent work.

Thus, business trends also shift. More businesses are virtual these days or have a virtual component.  These workers and entrepreneurs need more flexibility in business. As we get busier, we have to take our business — and everything else — on the go. Why not rely on the office in your pocket? Here are five ways a business cell phone offers convenience.

Business Cloud Applications Create a Paperless Office

Cut down on red tape by reducing the amount of paperwork your office needs to physically use, store and reorder. Use business cloud applications for many tasks while on the go, such as scanning, faxing, filing and billing. When you email a client an invoice, they can send the payment digitally, and you don’t have to wait on the mail to deliver a check.

When utilizing the cloud, you also give your employees and yourself faster access to important information via digital files. Your employees solve customer issues more quickly and provide a higher quality customer experience. Besides, the added benefit of saying that your company is eco-friendly helps improve its reputation in consumer eyes.

Assign Tasks And Manage Remote Employees

Many offices are putting money back into the company and investing directly in their employees by maintaining a remote workforce. From the office in your pocket, you can easily conduct employee management and assign employee tasks.

Unsure of the technology needed? Try team task management apps like Slack or Chanty, or utilize project management software like Basecamp or Hive, which also have supplemental apps. Always read reviews and study the features thoroughly before making a commitment.

Conduct Business Communication Over Virtual Meetings

Stay connected to every important call and avoid robocalls with the help of a virtual receptionist. Take meetings over phone or video conferencing.

Always be available for your business associates, employees, vendors and customers. All calls get answered during business hours with the help of a virtual receptionist, and your phone’s business directory boosts your professional image and reputation.

Live Marketing With Social Media

More consumers are looking to invest in experiences over transactions. Younger consumers prefer a digital shopping experience, and companies must adapt their business marketing strategies or die. Yet, 53% of consumers recall their most recent, enjoyable shopping experience in a brick and mortar store. Across the board, shoppers value experience first, personalization second and product quality third.

Where is your online presence? How do you engage with your customers across platforms?

Take advantage of live marketing to tell your story. In June 2018, 400 million users added to their Instagram stories daily. Social media fosters a bridge between brand and consumer for engagement and authentic sharing. People love to learn! Recently, the Sprout Index found that:

  • 61% of marketing strategists prioritize social media posts that inform or teach.
  • 58% of businesses aim for telling a relatable story and 53% curate posts that inspire.

Access Data From Anywhere Securely

Your business phone provides an office in a pocket that allows for secure data management remotely. You can access data from anywhere on the go.

Quickly pull up a customer account or sensitive data across devices without fear of it being compromised. Be present whether you’re flying across the country or in line for your morning Americano.

Taking The Mobile Office to The Next Level

Many of these convenience factors are assisted with the addition of apps. However, many business phone features can take the mobile office to the next level when you invest in a business phone plan.

Take calls from anywhere and never miss important calls with the help of a virtual receptionist. Your business directory will guide your customers and make your company look even more professional. Make use of business cloud apps to create a paperless office and manage employees. Quickly locate vital information across devices.

Business cell phone plans fill the remote office on-the-go gap with features that empower your business and propel the success of your brand.